Blogmas Day 23: A Day Told in Drinks

Hey, guys. Today was a long, happy, jolly day. I was able to spend some good quality time with my family and enjoy total relaxation. Instead of just giving you a boring rundown, though, I thought I'd punctuate the day's events via the drinks I consumed throughout. You'll notice that I'm taking advantage of my 21-ness this holiday season.

East Coast IPA--3:00 pm
First stop (and first drink) of the day was served at Pour Judgment, a bar in the heart of Newport, Rhode Island where my aunt has worked for years. She's pretty much a staple, with locals and regulars flocking the bar to joke around and practically beg for her attention. My mom and I went to visit and to grab a quick bite. She marveled at how weird it was to be able to serve me a beer, and helped me pick one from the extensive list of craft brews since I know virtually nothing. 2017 is my year to learn more about wine and beer so I don't feel like an idiot any time I'm presented with a drink menu.

Cosmopolitan--6:30 pm
As mom and I returned to my grandparents' house, we hung around and waited for dinner. Vacation, if you can't tell, is essentially just lounging around in-between meals. In that time we addressed Christmas cards and responded to emails to kill time. We were waiting for my aforementioned aunt to get off work so we could all go out to dinner as a family, figuring it'd be okay to make a drink in the meantime. Using the ingredients we picked up at the liquor store in town, I made us Carrie Bradshaw's old fave: the cosmopolitan. Aka the more sophisticated, fussy version of a vodka-cranberry.

Gin and Tonic--8:00 pm
After leaving my aunt's new dog (a "morkie" named Chucky, the world's cutest little dude) with our dog Hollie and piling into the car, we arrived to dinner. Chopmist Charlie's, a seafood restaurant that's been on the island longer than I've been alive, serves the world's greatest clamcakes and chowder, plus other New England staples. With the chowda and cakes, I got a gin and tonic, and was carded by the waitress. This inspired my mom's new favorite comedy routine, when she asks "Don't you want to see my ID, too?" Some waitstaff find this funnier than others. This one was pretty indifferent to the schtick.

Creme de Menthe--10:00 pm
My grandma loves to serve this emerald green peppermint liqueur over ice when she's entertaining guests. My mom remembers seeing it served at parties when she was a kid and marveling at the rich hue as it swirled around in sturdy bar glasses. As we let our dinners digest and dogs sit in our laps, my family and I sipped on the creme de menthe and reminisced until it was time to retire for the evening.

That brings us here. Gosh, it seems like all I did today was eat and drink. That's only partially true, I swear. But hey, isn't that kind of what the holidays are about? There's that old adage: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. Anyway, it's about time for me to call it a night.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Looks like you had a fun day. I mean a day that involves food and family is automatically a good day ;). I'm also going to visit my family this vacation after 2 years. Happy holiday.


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