Blogmas Day 24: A Finale and a Special Guest

Hello, everyone! Today is the last official day of Blogmas, and boy has this holiday season flown by. In the thick of it, it seemed as though December would never end, but here we are one day away from Christmas and one week from 2017. I was wracking my brain, trying to figure out what I should do as a grand finale this year, when the thought hit me: maybe the best way to wrap up Blogmas is to have a special guest write for me. I promise this isn't because I'm feeling lazy (okay, maybe partially because I'm feeling lazy...) but also because I thought it'd be special to have my grandmother take the helm for a turn. She's the world's most enthusiastic conversationalist and an author of two children's books; she probably has more to say than I do. So with that brief introduction, here she is:

Right after Thanksgiving, I was telling my husband that I really wasn't that much in the mood to put up a tree and do a lot of decorating. Part of the reason, I think, was because of all the work of having to haul all the stuff down from the attic. Fast-forward one week: my daughter, who lives in Virginia, called me and said "Mom, we're coming to your house for Christmas!"

I was so excited that my daughter, son-in-law, and my beautiful* granddaughter, Lauren, would be spending Christmas with me and my husband. My mindset changed very quickly, and I was now ready to get started on decorating our home. A week later, the tree was up, the mantle was decorated, the Christmas village had been set up, along with the Nativity scene.

Now it's Christmas Eve; Lauren and I made cookies and she made a coffee cake. My youngest daughter, Amie, will be joining us for dinner and hopefully we will be playing a few games, which always brings a lot of laughs. 

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. When my girls were little, I made them Christmas nightgowns and pretty dresses. The dessert was always a cake, and we would sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. Our home was filled with warmth and love, and to this day those are the most special and precious memories, and we continue to make new ones each year. 

Lauren, again: I know it's short, but that's (quite literally) all she wrote. I hope you're all having a nice Christmas Eve, start of Hanukkah, or other secular festivities. Thanks for sticking with me for three Blogmases; I'll see you soon!

*I promise she wrote this without any prodding from me. All opinions are courtesy of Jeanne Archambault, copyright 2016.


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