Blogmas Day 6: Regarding Time

Good evening, everybody! Today was a cold, rainy day, the kind that makes hair frizz and fingertips freeze. The type of day that turns campus into a parade of umbrellas with a bad mood permeating the air. If there was ever a day to throw your hands up and forget pleasantries and effort, it would be today. But here's the thing: no matter how gross the day is, outside or in our heads, there are a few things that shouldn't change, regardless of time.

Being on a university as final exams loom closer and closer, I keep hearing stressed-out students and professors claiming they "don't have time" for certain things or that there needs to be more hours in the day. There's "no time" to be polite or see your friends, yet somehow time can be made to binge watch Stranger Things when we should be doing homework. Yeah, I see you. The concept of time and obligation always is an interesting one, if you ask me, because really we have the same number of hours in a day as world leaders and change makers. It might sound cheesy, but we choose what we do and don't have time for.

Things You Don't Have Time For
You don't have time to listen to the naysayers.
You don't have time to date someone who isn't a feminist, or at the very least understands why feminism is important.
You don't have time to wish you loved people more while they were around.
You don't have time to leave a nasty hate comment online.
You don't have time to doubt yourself.

-on the contrary-

Things You Will Always Have Time For
You will always have time to say "thank you" to the cashier at the coffee shop.
You will always have time to acknowledge the driver who waits for you to cross the road.
You will always have time to check in with your loved ones, even if it's a quick text message saying "Hi, love you".
You will always have time to grab a piece of fruit or a granola bar on your way out the door.
You will always have time to tell that girl you like her shoes.
You will always have time for courtesy, kindness, and compassion. I'm tired of hearing otherwise.

I know it's all very cute and simply put when written out like this, but timing is a funny thing. Once we start prioritizing, a lot of our wants and needs become very clear in one way or the other. As for everything else, I guess that's up for interpretation.

Just some late night Tuesday thoughts. I hope you're doing well.



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