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Snap Decisions

Hello, everybody and happy Valentine's Day! For the 21st year in a row, I'll be spending the holiday with the love of my life. Granted, the love of my life often changes (because I'm fickle and there's just too many suitors to choose from) but this year I think I've chosen Gin to be my valentine. Mom, if you're reading this: I'm so sorry.

On a more serious note though, being single on Valentine's Day isn't a huge misfortune in my life, but I won't lie and say I didn't make a point to take myself to Wal-Mart earlier to buy a container of miniature cupcakes. To be fair, they are to share with friends I'm seeing later tonight, but regardless there is an inherent sadness that comes with buying $4 cupcakes packaged God knows how long ago. As I was using the self-checkout, I came to the realization that this was the kind of pathetic and unfortunate scenario I'd be inclined to post on my Snapchat story. This got me thinking: When I experie…