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Why No One Benefits from the Censorship of LGBTQ+ YouTube

If you're not tuned in to media news, you probably haven't heard of the harm being caused by YouTube's "restricted mode," designed to give kids and tweens a safer, more age-appropriate viewing experience. This, in theory, is a smart idea as these younger demographics are turning more and more to web video and streamed entertainment. Restricted mode aims to block content that is sexually suggestive, profane, or otherwise mature in nature. This means popular personalities like Tana Mongeau (who's most popular videos contain the 18-year-old sharing stories of getting blackout drunk and borderline glamorizing unprotected sex) and certain BuzzFeed videos surrounding topics of sexual abuse and assault. That, in my opinion, is fair game. Those are mature topics that, in addition to being entertaining and informative, aren't "rated PG," if you will. However, where YouTube crosses the line is the unfair censorship of LGBTQ+ content creators.

Just for a l…